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[personal profile] foodie has always appreciated good food starting from the tender age of nine. (Before that, she shared the same forced-to-eat-itis that many small children have).

She is now the mother of a one-year-old who is a joy to feed. She remains cautiously optimistic that her son will continue to share her enthusiasm and love for good food during the turbulent toddler years and beyond.

Her favourite cuisines are Japanese, Southern Chinese/Cantonese, Southeast Asian and Korean. She also likes other cuisines but don't eat them as often.

The ultimate goal of this DW journal is to showcase attractive pictures of delicious food. Once her son masters self-feeding, she plans to create bento lunches for him and post pictures here. The presence of this journal should hopefully give her incentive to regularly do this.

Comments (the non-advertising, non-bot kind) are coveted and cherished on any post of this journal. Subscribers and lurkers are both welcome.
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